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About Us

Greenflow Delivery

Greenflow is a boutique cannabis delivery company based in Oakland, CA providing seamless delivery of premium cannabis products.  We are licensed for medicinal and recreational use and serve the entire Bay Area.  Whether you are a cannabis rookie or a seasoned stoner, we have the right products for you.  We are delighted to deliver our goods right to your doorstep.  

Why Choose Greenflow

We are dedicated to a seamless ordering and delivery process.  We offer a simple payment process, same-day delivery, and scheduled delivery appointments.  Our premium products are grown in indoor and outdoor environments.  We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and are responsive to your needs.

The Greenflow Difference

At Greenflow, we prioritize the needs of our clients by listening and engaging with them at every stage.  We don't create systems to meet our needs; we create systems to meet our clients' needs.  

 How We Work

1. Browse our product catalogue
2. Make your selections and load your cart
3. Proceed to checkout 
4. Input your personal information and address
5. Review and submit your order 
6. Wait for your delivery

Our Brand Story                                                      

It is an honor to represent one of the most effective plants in the world, Cannabis. We care about the quality of the cannabis products you receive and will work to ensure that you have a joyful experience.  We are passionate about the cannabis scene and the unique opportunities it presents to people from all walks of life.  We exist to provide you with a seamless delivery of top cannabis brands.  Whether you are purchasing our products for medicinal or recreational use, we respect and protect your privacy.  Flow with us and stay in the Green!

How Do We Do This

Once a customer has placed their order with us, we make it a priority to deliver within 30-90min depending on your location.  We achieve this by working with a sizable team of delivery professionals who are personable, courteous, and waiting to fulfill your cannabis order.

Greenflow packaging is a cut above the rest:  
- Discrete
- Child proof
- Resealable
- Anti static and terpene preserving
- Ensures freshness
- Chic 

Why Trust Us?

At Greenflow, we are determined to show the world that cannabis works, and that begins with what we do at Greenflow.  We value our clients by ensuring the security of their information.  We will communicate effectively, either by phone, text, or in person.  We operate with honesty, transparency, and authenticity.  We are here to serve you.  your happiness is our guarantee!  


License No: C9-0000337-LIC