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June 24, 2023 2 min read

CBD and Pain Relief

Most of the CBD comes from the industrial hemp through different methods of extraction. The extract is then transformed into different forms depending on the intended use.

CBD oil is commonly used in various ways one of which is to relieve pain.  CBD has been studied and proven to treat multiple types of pain which are discussed below.

Multiple Sclerosis

MS is a disease in which the immune system tends to attack the body organs. The most affected are the brain and the nerve system. This disease is mostly associated with muscle spasms which are painful. The use of CBD oil reduces the spasticity and symptoms of MS.


Arthritis generally causes pain in the joints and muscles. It is a disease that can affect the daily routine of a person if the symptoms persist. Most arthritic patients have noted positive results from the use of the topical CBD gel in joints and muscles.

With the use of the gel, there has been a significant drop in inflammation and a decrease in pain. The gel is absorbed through the skin and has no side effects when applied. These findings show that the use of CBD gel for arthritis may relieve the pain.

Chronic Pain

CBD has been proven to relieve general chronic pain. It can also reduce inflammation as soon as it is applied.  It has also been noted that the gel dosage is constant and does not need to be increased with continuity. The subjects are not susceptible to build up of tolerance to its effects.


CBD oil has come up as a potentially versatile and promising treatment. Many studies that have been carried out by different researchers suggest that CBD is important in relieving pain. The most encouraging aspect is that it has no intoxicating effects and has lower cases of side effects as compared to other pain relievers.